What I enjoyed the most was participating in all the Athletic events, especially coming first in Discus, 100m Sprint and Long Jump. Also eating the sausages with my friends at lunch and seeing everyone smile made me happy. Hana


Athletics Day was awesome because everyone participated. Everyone was cheering ‘Come on you, can do it.’ I loved the High Jump because it was 1.6m high and I surprisingly came first. Moh T (6)




I enjoyed High Jump because it was super fun and I won. Riley


I enjoyed running in the Relay with my friends and eating the sausages. Sireen

I liked that everyone didn’t give up and worked together. No one felt bad if their house colour didn’t win. Well done to everyone. Nada




I enjoyed participating in the High Jump because I won. Rylee

My favourite event was Hurdles because I won. Ensar

I enjoyed when Miss E announced the winner because no one got angry and everyone was happy. Maryam T


I enjoyed Long Jump because nobody got angry if they didn’t win. Sarah

I loved Long Jump because I won first place. I had fun doing all events. Hendia

I enjoyed Discus because I won a second place ribbon. Sandra

I enjoyed Discus because I won. Kaylee





I had fun at High Jump and I was happy because no one got hurt. Manal

I enjoyed High Jump because everybody had a try and they didn’t give up. Issa

I liked High Jump because I got first place and I enjoyed it because it was heaps of fun. Ahmed S













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