On Tuesday, the grade 5 and 6 students played in a Basketball Tournament during lunch time. There were 3 teams in each year level and we played against the other two teams. It was fun playing against other teams practising what we have learnt from Miss E and Mr T. Well done to the grade 5 team- United Pros and the Grade 6 team- Champions for winning the championship.




Grade 6 winners- Champions- Omar, Adam, Mohammed, Ahmed, Ali, Hana






Grade 5 winners- United Pros- Moussa, Ahmed, Omar, Ahmed, Adam, Noah 



Today with Wazza we learnt how to shoot properly. We also learnt how to control the basketball. Our favourite thing to do was shooting goals and throwing the ball over your head trying to catch it behind your back. This was challenging because you had to bring it around your body without dropping it. By Nadeen and Ula.