Specialist Team


During Remote Learning in Term Two, students were assigned tasks to complete based around Social and Emotional Learning. These tasks were aimed at focusing on the student’s wellbeing, due to the enormous changes happening in the world.


During Remote Learning, students at Broadmeadows Primary School completed a range of activities to help develop their understanding and skills in Art. The F-2 students were learning about Colours including Primary, Secondary, Warm, Cool and Complementary Colours and they began to look at Lines. The Grade 3-6 students completed a range of activities, developing their skills in Op Art. Some of the Op Art activities completed were: a hole in the page, swirls, tunnels and their hand.


During Remote Learning in Term Two, students at Broadmeadows Primary School focussed on the Elements of Music and Dance in Performing Arts. They were concentrating on Rhythm, Tempo and other elements such as Dynamics. The students learnt new vocabulary through song and dance activities.


During Remote Learning, students in grade 3-6 were exposed to Fitness Programs and completed a range of programs created by their peers. Students in F-2, participated in a range of activities that promoted physical movement.


Well done to all students for all their hard work and persisting through challenges when everything was changing in the world.

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