Specialist 2021

Hi there, my name is Mrs. Morley.

I am the Performing Arts teacher at Broadmeadows Primary School. I have been a class room teacher in the past at Broadmeadows (which some of you can remember), then I had two beautiful girls and stayed at home to look after them. I am now back and loving being the Performing Arts teacher who gets to sing, dance and act a little bit silly with all the students here.

Term One in Performing Arts sees the students learning about Harmony Day and the messages that it sends to everyone. Harmony Day represents Kindness, Respect and EVERYONE BELONGS.

Our focus is to include the Elements of Dance when each class makes up a sequence of actions that they structure into a dance. Each class has come up with their own actions that send the Harmony Day messages. They will practice hard to get their dances ready for a performance that we will have at school.

Miss T is the new Spanish teacher, and is so excited to be joining the Broadmeadows Primary community this year. In Spanish all the grades will be working on learning the language through hands – on activities — songs, games, and even writing and performing plays!



This Term in Art, all the students at BPS will be revisiting the Elements of Art as well as designing a self-portrait. Each year level will use different techniques, learn about different artists and explore the use of various medium. In the Art room, students have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, whilst learning many important life skills such as, sharing and persistence.





I am Miss E and have been the sports teacher at Broadmeadows Primary School for the past 8 years. I love watching students persist when skills are hard and grow a love for competing in any sport! This term, the focus is on Fundamental Motor Skills and participating in activities ready for Sports Day at the end of the Term 1.