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This term, the students at Broadmeadows Primary school will be exploring the use of various mediums to complete their art work. Each year level will be completing projects which will link to Harmony Day. During Art sessions, students are encouraged to try their best, persist with challenges, think creatively and understand that mistakes can always be used to change our thinking and/or our ideas. I’m looking forward to a great year in Art!

This term we are starting Performing Arts off with Music and Dance. We will look at music and dances from different cultures, which will help with our performances at the Harmony Day celebration. Each class will practice their performance and perform that on the day. Students will learn about celebrations and the music and dance from each of the different countries.

I have enjoyed using the string and hammer during Art because it was fun to wrap the string around my star shape. Ruby

I like playing sport because I have enjoyed learning about European Handball. Hendia

I have liked Spanish because I am learning another language. Hani

I have enjoyed Performing Arts because it is fun to act in front of everyone. Nour

I like Sport because of the fun games we play and drawing our hands and writing our strengths in it. Jamil

My favourite specialist class is Art because we get to do a lot of projects, and I liked decorating my portfolio. Mihrimah

I have enjoyed Sport because it is fun playing games such as ‘Everyone’s It, Horsey Tag and Ship, Shark, Shore.’ Habeseh

At Performing Arts we dance and I like it because it is fun, and we play ‘Musical Freeze.’ Husni

I have enjoyed drawing in Art because it is fun. Tamador



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