Specialist Team

My name is Sergio and I am 26. This is going to be my 5th year away from Spain and I have been given the great opportunity to teach at BPS for the second year. Football is my life and my priority. What have I gained from this sport cannot be explained with words. Therefore, I always encourage my students to enrol in any sport at an early age and leave your iPad inside. My methodology to teach Spanish is about learning as we have fun. If we combine fun activities and learning, we can improve quickly and those experiences will always remain in our minds. I am so excited for what 2019 may bring on.

My name is Miss Yianni and I have been a teacher for 16 years. I am the Art teacher here at Broadmeadows Primary School, and I think I have the best job because I teach everyone in the whole school.  I love being creative and teaching children about Art.

Hello, I am Miss E. I have been teaching at Broadmeadows Primary School for 6 years. I am the Sport teacher, and I love teaching everyone in the school. I am a big Melbourne United Basketball supporter and hopefully we will win ourselves another National Basketball League Championship!

My name is Mrs Tonkin and I’m very excited to be back teaching Specialist Maths or Maths Detectives as we call it. I look forward to discovering and learning with all the students this year, as we experiment and practise ‘hands on’ learning! I will also be working in the 5/6 space on a Tuesday, where I’m thrilled to immerse myself back into Literacy and Enrichment topics. Thank you to all the students who have had a successful start to this year and have made my job fun and exciting! See you soon!