I like completing hard activities because they look difficult at the start but at the end I start to figure them out. The Bingo Clothing game was fun because we had to figure the meaning out on our own and that makes you learn. By Nathanial


I really enjoyed the Memory cards game because it’s really fun. I also really like ‘Abre el libro’ song (Open The Book), because you get to do the actions whilst singing. The animals matching games was so much fun because we versed the girls. By Abdulkarim


I really liked learning the numbers and passing Ricardo (our Spanish toy friend) as we say numbers. ‘Abre el libro’ song was really fun to sing and dance to. I also liked the animals acting game because we had to act like animals and my friends had to guess it. By Yusuf

I really liked learning about stationary in Spanish: regla, silla, mapa, pintura (ruler, chair, map, paint). I also enjoyed playing The Treasure Hunt game because it was a fun way to learn directions in Spanish. By Adrienne