I loved the flag game because we all played, had fun and learned. The dance was not easy to learn. The rap was good and helped us to learn instructions in Spanish. The colours were fun because of the song. Also, the months and food songs we learned were easy to say. By Nimo





I love writing the name of the animals and watching Spanish videos. I also love to write in Spanish. I really like to play the flag game as well as saying all the Spanish names. I love writing about emotions. By Mohammed Ab



What I loved and enjoyed about Spanish class is learning different parts of our bodies and writing them down. I also liked when we learned about animals, food, feelings and locations. The Months songs and other songs helped us pronounce words better and that was amazing. But the thing that was so interesting and fascinating was learning of genders of living and non-living things. By Emre




I liked when we learned how to introduce ourselves and how to say I like and I don’t like in Spanish (Me gusta/No me gusta). I also liked when we learned about directions. By Liza





I really liked when we learned numbers up to 20 because of the songs and games. I also enjoyed learning about places in the town. I had so much fun with the colours song in Spanish. Drawing our body parts in Spanish was also very cool. By Ayman






I like the “No Me Gusta” song as well as the colours song. The numbers song is my favourite thing in Spanish. I really enjoyed the ball passing game where we had to say a number in order every time we passed the ball. By Abed




I love the “No Me Gusta song”. The “Como Te Llamas?” song was fun because we learned how to say our names. I really liked the ball passing game and the numbers song. By Mays