Our School



Broadmeadows Primary School is situated in the northern suburbs of melbourne approximately 22 kilometres from the CBD. Established in 1961 the school relocated to new school buildings in October 2009. The school shares its site with Hume Central Secondary College Blair Street Campus. The school’s enrolment has stabilised at 285. We have 3 Principal Class officers, 19.3 teaching staff (EFT) and 7.1 Education Support staff  (EFT) making 32 staff in all. The emphasis for all staff is around building capacity and working in effective teams.

Broadmeadows Primary School offers a unique educational environment where the underlying belief that every student can learn is at the heart of everything we do. With a strong community focus, the students are cared for and nurtured and their well-being is monitored. Students are enthusiastic and motivated, parents are involved and welcomed, and the staff are valued and respected. Our students are encouraged to “Aim High” and to do their best. Evidence of this is reflected in all areas of the school and beyond – from their academic success, to achievements in sport and the arts, their community activities and their behaviour on excursions. We believe that every student is special and tailor our teaching to identify and maximise their strengths and address their weaknesses.

Broadmeadows aims to foster critical and creative thinking to prepare students for an ever-changing world. They are encouraged to use questioning and reflection to deepen their understanding of a concept and to explore ideas in which they’re interested. Developing our students’ research skills is a focus in every learning space. We explore the importance of using reliable resources, being able to identify relevant information, cross-referencing information and highlighting all the different options available to students when they are researching and they are provided with extensive opportunities to use and explore technology.

The school provides a safe and secure learning environment and the use of our emotion wall helps to highlight to both staff and student’s issues they may have otherwise been unaware of. Students are also conscious of how negative treatment of others impacts not just on individuals but the community as a whole.

There are very few instances of bullying at our school. Students often take it upon themselves to intervene when students are treating others in a way that’s different to the expectations placed on them and this quite often resolves the issue before it reaches the teaches/. One of the catalysts for this student led conflict resolution is the establishment of a set of student designed essential agreements in regard to social and academic behaviour. The concept of ‘community’ is also strongly promoted by staff and the idea that if one of us is hurt then we all are hurt as a community. If a student is ever upset, unwell, or injured there is never a shortage of others who are willing to help. One of the greatest things about this is it doesn’t just occur within peer groups.

The school regularly attracts national and international attention from academics and other educational institutions because of the success we have achieved with our students at all levels.