Maths Detectives

Welcome back to term 2. I am excited to begin new investigations with all year levels this term, including the preps!

It has been wonderful watching all students at B.P.S put on their detective hats in order to solve mathematical problems that they may face in the real world.

This term each year level will be investigating a new topic.


Foundation, Foundation / 1 – Time: We have been singing a wonderful songs about the days of the week. Here is the link if you would like to have a go at home:

1/ 2 – Time: We have been learning about the months of the year and the seasons by making connections between them and how it relates to our life.

3/4 – Time: We are investigating units of time. How we measure time, using seconds/minutes/hours including even days/weeks/months and years. Soon, we will investigate different types of clocks and how to read them. Students can watch this video to help them understand further.

5/6 – Measurement: The grade 5/6 students are investigating all types of measurement i.e Length, Volume, Mass, Temperature and Time. We will be looking into each area in great detail and will begin to apply these topics to our everyday life (e.g. cooking and building!)