Learning Behaviours

At Broadmeadows Primary School, we use Learning Behaviours to assist us in becoming successful citizens. There are 18 Learning Behaviours in total: Concentration, Co-operation, Communication, Independence, Problem Solving, Metacognition, Inside Feelings, Outside Feelings, Sleep, Food and Water, Screen Time, Learning Tools, Arrival at School, Organisation, Persistence, Accuracy and Precision, Self-Regulation and Feedback. Students who show that they are displaying outstanding Learning Behaviours in all areas are rewarded with a Golden Badge.

All of our students have been working extremely hard this semester, using strategies to help them attain their chosen Learning Behaviour goal! The students in the 5/6 learning space in particular have been enjoying the Race Towards the Finish Line. They have plenty of opportunities for a ‘pit stop’ to check in with a teacher to keep them on track with their goals.