At Broadmeadows Primary School, the staff members have developed a new leadership position which you may know as “The Community Leaders”. Community leaders are chosen every 2 weeks. They are awarded with badges and certificates. Students can get them by showing the school values. Kindness, respect, and learning together.

To respect someone, means to show good listening, and body language, to care about their opinion and to use beautiful manners and not discriminate against anybody . Kindness means to be nice and always include others and care about them. learning together is to collaborate and cooperate with others using the learning behaviors communication, cooperation, feedback, and accuracy and precision.

Good luck to all students.

The following students were awarded this badge and certificate in week 10 of term 2. Well done!



I’m the Community Leader because I help my friends, I write my work and I take my time to do my work and I sit down and I listen to my teacher. Amar





I’m the Community Leader because I was helping people, I help to clean and I make my friends be good and never cry. – Radwan




I’m the Community Leader because I work too hard and I try my best and I listen to the teachers. – Shakiya




I’m the Community Leader because I shared with others, I’m kind and I have a good attitude with others. I feel really happy that I am the Community Leader. – Jane

I’m the Community Leader because I wasn’t being rude and I was sharing work with others and I got help sometimes from my family and sometimes from my teacher. I am happy that I am the Community Leader because this is my first time because it’s something special and it’s like a badge. – Christian


I was nervous that I became the Community Leader because of how Mr Mackenzie was talking about me. He said that I was focusing during learning time and I always listen to the teachers. – Keanu

I’m shocked that I am the Community Leader. I got the badge because I always concentrate in class and I listened to the teachers. – Sukum


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