Learning Behaviours

This Term, we have been given colourful Learning Behaviour wristbands in the 3-6 community.  We think these are so much better than the badges because there are no sharp pins on them and we can put them on and take them off really easily!

The wristbands have all the Learning Behaviours on them that we have created at our school and students can choose the one they want to work on.  We put them on each morning and wear them throughout the day but we leave them here at school so we don’t lose them at home.

The colours are red, orange, yellow and green and we can choose a colour that suits us.  Red means we need to work on it a lot more, orange means we are getting better, yellow means we are not bad but are almost there and green means we have successfully achieved our goal.

Having them on our wrist makes it easy for us to remember our goals and for visitors, teachers and other students to see and encourage us.

Written by Miss Ayoubi’s wonderful kids 🙂

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