Learning Behaviours

At Broadmeadows Primary School, we use Learning Behaviours to assist us in becoming successful citizens. There are 18 Learning Behaviours in total: Concentration, Co-operation, Communication, Independence, Problem Solving, Metacognition, Inside Feelings, Outside Feelings, Sleep, Food and Water, Screen Time, Learning Tools, Arrival at School, Organisation, Persistence, Accuracy and Precision, Self-Regulation and Feedback. Students who show that they are displaying outstanding Learning Behaviours in all areas are rewarded with a Golden Badge.

All of our students have been working extremely hard this semester, using strategies to help them attain their chosen Learning Behaviour goal! The students in the 5/6 learning space in particular have been enjoying the Race Towards the Finish Line. They have plenty of opportunities for a ‘pit stop’ to check in with a teacher to keep them on track with their goals.




Matt B received a gold badge for being able to use all Learning Behaviours successfully. He has been working on being accurate and precise in Maths. Matt is getting very good at solving problems and checking his answers. Now he is learning to explain his thinking in Maths.





Layal was nominated for her amazing communication in the 3/4 learning space with teachers and students!