Incursions at B.P.S

What did you like about walking safely to School?

I liked when I saw my friends and we walked together to school. Lagi

I liked when we crossed the road and we took a selfie with Miss E and Miss ElChami’s phone! I also liked when we walked into the school and ran away from Miss E. Zakaria


What was your favourite part of the incursion?

I really liked the snakes. They were so long and wiggly. Sampada

I really enjoyed seeing the snakes and the baby crocodile. I couldn’t believe they can grow up to 3 metres. The possum was also so fun because it was fluffy. Hanah

I like crocodiles. They can easily eat dinosaurs. The owl was my favourite because they can defend their babies. Tristan

I liked the snakes because they had amazing colours, especially the yellow and white snake. Azra

The possums where my favourite part of the incursion, because they had such long tails and they were so fluffy. Fatima

I really liked the turtle and the way it walks…SO SLOW!!!! Even its back shell, it looked like a wall! Aliza

I liked the sounds that the frog was making and how high it jumped! Mirna A.

I really liked the crocodile. That animal is so cool. It’s mouth was taped up so it didn’t bite people! Aryan

The best part was the crocodile. They can walk really fast and even eat people! Zayn

You can talk with the teacher and you don’t need to come with your parents. If you see teachers, then you can get out of the car and talk to your friends and teachers as you walk to school. By Beepasha

It was fun walking with my friends to school. I had to walk with my teachers. We got to see the plants on the side of the road. As we were walking we saw some views. By Sandra

When I was walking with the teachers, it felt like they were one of our parents. It was like exercising. By Adrienne

When I was walking to school, the teachers were walking with us to school and it made me feel safe because we knew where we were going and we were being safe. I had lots of fun. By Nadeen

Whilst the teachers and I (also including the other students), it was really enjoyable for me to speak to my friends and teachers. It was fun enduring the walk. By George

The Walking Bus was a stella experience. As you got to Kitchener Street, you could see the teachers waiting for you with their orange vests. I was walking with my 2 brothers, Abbas and Ali, when we saw Mr Bailey and Ms Lewis waiting for students. We walked with them while taking photos and videos. It was superb. By Tabarak