Harmony Day

Harmony Day- Everyone Belongs

Thank you to all who attended our Harmony Day celebrations last Thursday 21st March. It was a great turn out by parents and our students loved showing off their dances.

Please click on the arrow below to see some photos of our students throughout the day as we collected stamps on our passports travelling to different countries learning facts about it and completing activities.

I liked Harmony Day because we danced the Chicken Dance in the gym and it was very fun. Fatima

We moved our body on Harmony Day and danced to the Chicken Dance. It was so much fun. Triston.

I really enjoyed Harmony Day because it was a fun day. We watched students do different dances and traveled the world, going to different countries. It was fun. Yahya

Harmony Day was my favourite day because we got to do different activities and I liked dancing in the gym. Karim

My favourite day was Harmony Day because we had lots of adventures traveling to different countries. Kaylee

I liked Harmony Day because we were able to watch the Haka. Isabel

My favourite day was Harmony Day because of the different activities we were able to complete. Thomas

I enjoyed Harmony Day because we were able to experience travelling to different countries within our school. I liked doing the Spanish dance in front of the school. Ahmed T

We questioned students at B.P.S, what does Harmony Day mean to you?

It means respect and kindness to me. What I like the most is that people accept you no matter what, and people get to know you more. Matt

It means caring about people and making sure people are safe and comfortable in the community.  It also means loving other people, and not to being rude to others that speak different languages. Nazah

It means teamwork, helping each other, and caring about people from different countries. Ilin

It’s a day of peace,  where everyone reunites, there is equality and we acknowledge people’s heritage. George

It means there is no racism to other people from other countries. We also celebrate that it doesn’t matter where we are from because we all belong to the same community. Omar S.

Harmony Day is a day where we represent a community, no one is different and we share love with each other. Ornina

It means that we have to play with people from different countries and you get to know their stories. It also means that everyone is equal. Ula

It means that people from other countries must be accepted and we need to help them. It also means to celebrate and recognise other people’s countries. Joyce

It means kindness and helping each other. We celebrate people’s countries and we represent our cultures. Oral

It means being kind, not being rude, helping each other and giving money to poor people. Abdi

Harmony Day means having fun and celebrate a day where all people from different countries can share activities. Ross

Harmony Day means a lot to me because we have to help each other  because we all the same. Rodney

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