Grade 6 2021


Our major focus will be to continue our study into fractions and decimals. We will be exploring efficient mental and written strategies to help us estimate and calculate answers. Later in the term, we will be working on measurement, volume, capacity and mass.

As we explore the concept of inferring, we will look at a range of text types and the strategies used to help our students create new understandings using evidence provided within a text. Also, we will infer the meaning of unknown words using the contextual clues provided within a text. Characters motives and emotions will also be studied as we increase our understanding of inferring.

Our major focus for Writing will be to complete our historical information report into The Stolen Generations. Students have built their field knowledge of the topic and are ready to start writing and editing as soon as we return to school. After our information reports, we will be learning the structure of a consequential explanation piece.

The Grade 6’s will be continuing the SMART Spelling program this term. Each week, students will continue to be introduced to a new spelling pattern and select their own words of varying levels of difficulty from a teacher provided list. Students will then add two of their BOB words that have been identified in their own writing throughout the week. New words are sent home each Friday and students are tested on Thursdays. Homework tasks will be assigned around spelling words to ensure that they are getting them right!

Our Term 3 focus is Earth and the Solar System. We will investigate systems, cycles and cause & effect. Students will explain how natural events cause rapid change to the Earth’s surface and use models to describe key features of the Solar System.

Discos will be early term 3 (TBA), any excursions will be organised early in the term.