Grade 6 2021


Our major focus this term will be on Place Value. We will be exploring whole numbers and decimal numbers. Each week, we will be unpacking problem solving strategies, and how they can be used to develop efficient and accurate thinking.

The Grade 6’s will be looking at the Summarising Reading Comprehension Strategy this term. This is to promote reading comprehension in all texts that they read. Grade 6’s will be participating in a range of activities designed to improve their reading levels and we can’t wait to share the results with families.

The Grade 6’s have been working hard on their persuasive writing. They have been looking at devices and the structure of persuasive texts. As we move forward, we will be further exploring a range of techniques a writer uses to engage their audience through choices of structure and the use of language features. Toward the end of the term, we will shift our focus to historical recounts.

I chose my persuasive writing because I felt that I have used big words to describe different things, and have tried to make it make sense. Ruby

I chose this piece of work because it can easily persuade you. I have put a lot of effort into persuading you. I hope you get persuaded. Ahmed E.

I like my persuasive text because it is neat and accurate. I think I would be able to convince anyone with it. This was my first time writing an introduction, three reasons for the body and a conclusion. This piece makes me proud. Zayd.

The Grade 6’s will be continuing the SMART Spelling program this term. Each week, students will continue to be introduced to a new spelling pattern and select their own words of varying levels of difficulty from a teacher provided list. Students will then add two of their BOB words that have been identified in their own writing throughout the week. New words are sent home each Friday and students are tested on Thursdays. Homework tasks will be assigned around spelling words to ensure that they are getting them right!

This term, the grade 6’s will be looking at Australian History. We will be looking at topic areas such as The Stolen Generations and the events that led to Federation. The students will be using literature, film and research to expand their knowledge on the topic areas.

This term, the grade 6’s will be going to Kryal Castle to learn about history through the middle ages and its influence on Australian law. Photos will be available on Class Dojo!

This term, the Grade 6’s will be participating in an intra-school sport competition. The teams have been selected by 6 captains! The sports are chosen… now, it’s game on! Competitions will include sports such as Basketbal, Hockey and Bat Tennis etc. Winners take all!

We chose this poster because we put a lot of effort and time into this work, and we are satisfied with the results. It was really fun to make. Sibel and Kristy.

I chose the Disco because I’m running and planning it, I enjoy being able to plan what will happen on the night of the disco. I liked decorating the tickets and formatting the note. Yara