Grade 6 2021


I’m really going to miss my friends, the teachers, the schools, the playgrounds and oval. I enjoyed learning Reading, Writing and Maths, but especially Sport and Art. I feel very happy this year and excited to learn new things. I am also sad because I won’t be seeing my friends and teachers every day next year.


I’m really going to miss my friends, having fun at recess and playing soccer at lunch time, having tournaments, Sport and Art class and learning new things. I feel very happy this year because it was a very fun year, because everything was fun.


I’m going to miss my friends and all the teachers. Remote Learning was fun but being back at school was heaps more fun. My favourite subject was Sport because I got to play outside and play with my friends and we had fun. I’m really looking forward to high school Sport because you have longer session and there will be Inter-School Sports during high school. Year 6 has been the best school year ever!


My favourite year was Grade 5 because all my friends were in my class and I had a really cool teacher. During Remote Learning, the sessions were shorter and it was easier because I had all the extra time to hand in the work, and I was at home and could go back to bed. I am looking forward to meeting new people in high school.


My favourite year was Grade 4 because I had all my friends in the class and I had a cool teacher. I’m going to miss people in this class because I have been here for a long time, since Grade 1, and don’t want to leave.


My favourite year was Grade 4 because it was fun when I arrived at BPS. Grade 6 has been enjoyable because my friends are in the same class as me. What I loved about Remote Learning was that I didn’t have to wake up so early and could sleep in, and the meeting was later in the morning. This year I have enjoyed everything and I don’t want it to end.