Grade 6 2021

Mr. Brettargh started at Broadmeadows Primary School in 2012. Since then, he has mainly worked with grade 5s and 6s. This year is really exciting as he gets to work solely with year 6s of our school! The future leaders! Mr Brettargh is a massive Melbourne Victory Supporter… even though our season hasn’t started very well. Looking forward to a great year!

Mr. Dean Smith started teaching at Broadmeadows Primary School in 2011 and loves working with all the students here. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and keeping active. He is looking forward to working with all the students and teachers from grades 3-6 this year and winning the BPS world cup! ????

Our major focus this term will be on Place Value. We will be exploring whole numbers and decimal numbers. Each week, we will also be unpacking problem solving strategies and how they can be used to develop efficient and accurate thinking in math.

The Grade 6’s will be looking at the Questioning Reading Comprehension Strategy this term. This is to promote reading comprehension in all texts that they read. Grade 6’s will be participating in a range of activities designed to improve their reading levels and we can’t wait to share the results with our families.

The Grade 6’s have made a fantastic start to their narrative writing. We have begun with characterisation and scene setting to ensure that they write for the stated purpose of a narrative – entertainment. As we move forward, we will be exploring a range of techniques a writer uses to engage their audience through choices about structure and the use of language features. Toward the end of the term, we will shift our focus to persuasive writing.

The Grade 6’s will be beginning the SMART Spelling program this term. Each week students will be introduced to a new spelling pattern and select their own words of varying difficulty levels from a teacher provided list. Students will then add two of their BOB words that have been identified in their own writing throughout the week. New words are sent home each Thursday and students are tested on Tuesdays. Homework tasks will be assigned around spelling words to ensure that they are getting them right!

To begin 2021, the students have identified a range of Essential Agreements for how we will work within our learning space. The areas the students have decided to focus on are the school values Respect, Kindness and Learning Together. They have demonstrated a strong start in all of these areas.

Our next step is for each student to develop a personal Learning Behaviour goal. Once this has been done, students will be encouraged to wear a Learning Behaviour wrist band, so staff and students around the school can discuss how a student is progressing with their goal. The school’s Learning Behaviours are organisation, concentration, independence, persistence, striving for accuracy and precision, problem solving, metacognition, communication, self-regulation and seeking and using feedback.

This term, the Grade 6’s will be participating in an intra-school sport competition. The teams have been selected by 6 captains! The sports chosen… now it’s game on! Competitions will include sports such as Volleyball, Lacrosse, T-Ball, etc. Winner takes all!