Grade 5/6

Reyhan- I am looking forward to Graduation even if it is different, because it will be fun to see everyone and finish primary school.

Furqan- What I liked about Remote Learning is that we could eat at any time we wanted, and when we finished our class work, we could play any game we wanted to on the computer.

Atana- I’ve enjoyed seeing my friends again and seeing my teachers in  real life rather than a computer screen.

Ashorina- I enjoyed coming back to school because I get to see my friends. I feel like it is more fun being at school rather than being at home learning on the computer.

Yara- I’m looking forward to the BPS World Cup in Term 4 because it’s fun and you are interacting with other people.

Irenio- I didn’t like Remote Learning because I stayed away from my friends at school, and I was bored.

Hani- I enjoyed Remote Learning because I got to eat a full breakfast at home.

Zaneadeen- I am looking forward to playing games with sport equipment, as I like games with balls.

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