Grade 5/6

The 5/6 teachers would like to welcome back all the students for Term 4. We are all extremely proud of the students’ effort during Remote Learning. The students have developed their independence and organizational skills, as they were required to be present for WebEx meetings each day.

In term 4, we are looking forward to continuing our STEM/Science activities (thank you Mrs. Ower) and the BPS World Cup. We have completed a writing unit on comics and are about to undertake our annual debating competition. Our focus for reading will be Text Structures and Features.

We would finally like to thank all the parents/carers for their support during the year.

Thank you

5/6 teachers

 Maryam T- I am happy that we get to do World Cup as we only get to do it once a year and we have that opportunity this term.

Manal T- I liked Remote Learning as it was different from normal school and it was a great experience.

Orwa- I liked Remote Learning because I got to learn about how to work with computers.

Polat- I am looking forward to, and hoping to become more responsible and being a leader for my high school journey.

Ashorina- I liked Remote Learning because it showed me that I can do anything whether it is online or at school.

Enes- I am happy that we are back at school because Remote Learning wasn’t that easy, but being at school is easier and better.

Issa- I am happy to be at school because I get to see my friends and teachers in person and not on a screen.

Tasaleem- I enjoyed writing because I enjoy writing comics.

Wilmason- I enjoyed writing during Remote Learning and at school because we could use ideas from books in the library.

Elyamo- I miss Online School because I was able to get ideas from other websites and it is way easier to type on the computer rather than writing.

Keanu- I am happy to be back at school because we can see the teachers and learn in the class together.

Riley- I am happy to be at school because I can see my friends.

Atana- I enjoyed that we could still learn together even though we were online and not together.

Furqan- I am looking forward to Soccer World Cup because we can interact with the other classes.

Reyhan- During Remote Learning, I gained new hobbies of meditation and drawing Harry Potter characters. These new hobbies are fun because it gave me something to do during lockdowns and it was fun.

Upcoming Events

  1. Grade 6 Orientation Day

    December 8 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  2. Last Day of Term 4

    December 18 @ 8:00 am - 1:00 pm