Grade 5/6

On the 2nd of November, 2018, the grade 5/6 students (most of them), attended an incursion based on Economics and Business. We were taught about the differences between needs and wants. We were told how needs are necessary to survive, whereas wants are simply items of interest or comfort. By Jaafar





Last week, the grade 5/6’s had an incursion based on Business and Economy. We learnt about supply and demand, need vs wants and buyers. A need is something you will die without and a want is something you won’t die without but you want. At the end we played a little game pretending as if we were sales people. I was the buyer for my group. By Aliyah




First they put us in a circle, nearly everyone got a card and on the card it had a need and a want. You needed to put the cards in the right column. Then we played a game where you stand on a dot, but the dots get removed as you walk around. When the bell went off you had to be standing on a dot and if you were not on a dot, you were out. After that we made boats, but in order to make the boats we had to buy paper from people.

After we made the boats, we made the boat consumers needed to count how many boats the makers had made and checked the prices so we could sell them. Sezin



Firstly we learnt about needs vs wants. Secondly we pretended to be shop keepers and we sold paper aeroplanes. There was red, blue and green paper that you have to buy to make the planes. By Muhammed T






I am going to tell you about our exciting visit from Wild Action. On Wednesday, the 7th of November, we had an incursion in the health room. We saw and held some cool Australian animals. By Ula



Adam from Wild Action taught us a lot about Australian animals. The first animal he showed us was a stumpy tail lizard. It looked like it had two heads to scare other animals away. Oral 




The next animal he showed us was a goanna. It had a long tail and very sharp claws. Then he showed us a bird eating spider, which was poisonous. By Joyce



Adam brought in a crocodile, a turtle and 2 snakes. He also brought in a grumpy wombat and a cute koala. By Omar






Ornina- Some interesting facts are:

  • Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees, but they can’t move their eyes.
  • Koalas sleep for 20 hours a day.
  • The Olive python has 220 belly muscles- they squeeze the animals they want to eat and swallow them whole.



Thank you to Mrs Webb for organising the incursion. We had heaps of fun and loved learning about the animals. Iyad


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