Grade 5/6

My favourite part was the candy shop where we bought many candies. My other favourite part was the armour where we learnt about how the kings and queens used to live. The theatre was entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot. They had really good acting skills. We also learnt about the knights’ gear and what they were made of. Ej

The archery was my favourite part of the excursion, because I got to shoot arrows for the first time. I really enjoyed the sword frighting because I had to put a shield on my left arm and a sword on my right arm and ‘fight’ my classmates. I learnt a lot about knights and what they wore for battles. Hurr

My favourite part of the excursion was when I watched the acting at the theatre. It was funny, especially they were speaking. I also enjoyed the part when our classmates acted out the play. At the excursion I learnt that good people were not always good people, sometimes they could be bad. Zaneadeen

My favourite part was we went to archery and the instructor taught us how to use the bow and arrows. He gave us instructions on how to aim for the target. The sword fighting was the bit that I enjoyed the most because we had to wear a shield and ‘fight’ the other team. In the medieval times, the servants used to not look at the king or queen directly in their eyes and had to walk away backwards, always facing them. When they would serve food, one servant would bow down and hold a plate on one hand, while the second servant would collect the plate and hand it over to his or her Majesty. Waad

The archery bit was my favourite part of the excursion because I tried to hit the target by pulling the string back as hard as I could and aim for the colours. I really enjoyed how we all had to act out characters roles. That was really cool. They taught us how people in the medieval times used to talk and act. I also learnt how I would talk to a king or a queen. Abdi

The sword fighting was my favourite part of the excursion because we ‘fought’ against our classmates and we learnt heaps of skills. Then, we all versed the instructor and only Tasnim could beat him, by hitting him on the back of his leg. The lolly store was the bit that I enjoyed the most because they had my favourite drinks and there were lots of candies. The knights used to wear lots of armour to protect themselves from the enemies’ swords. Polat