Grade 5 2021


Our major focus this term will be on Addition and Subtraction. We will be exploring whole numbers and decimal numbers. Each week, we will also be unpacking problem solving strategies and how they can be used to develop efficient and accurate thinking in Math.

At home strategies:

  • Quiz your child on multiplication facts (4X3=12)
  • Get your child to calculate change using a variety of coins and notes

Marwan- When we were learning this yesterday in Numeracy, I first thought it was too hard. But after being taught how to do it, it’s now really easy to do.

Khalifa- I’m proud of my work because I have tried my hardest and even though the work was challenging I pushed myself to understand and complete it neatly.


Reading – As we explore the concept of Summarising, we will look at a range of text types and the strategies used to help our students find the main idea and supporting details. This will assist them in creating a condensed version to clearly express their understanding of a range of fiction and non-fiction text types.

At home strategies:

  • Read with your child every night
  • Ask your child to summarise the text when they finish reading each night
  • Discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary your child encounters

 Mahmoud- I like reading this book because it is very engaging with different twists that I am not expecting in the book. When I am reading this book, it is too good to put down and I just want to finish it.

Writing – The Grade 5’s have made an enthusiastic start to their persuasive writing. We have been exploring the structure (introduction, body paragraphs and conclusions). We are investigating how language can be used to convince a reader of the writer’s opinion. We will also be using persuasive devices such as; rhetorical questions, expert opinions, repetition, facts and statistics.

At home strategies:

  • Ask your child their opinion on events within the home and on world issues
  • Ask your child to practise writing for set periods of time to develop their handwriting style and stamina

 Yasmin- I tried my hardest writing this narrative piece, to make sure it is interesting and all readers are engaged in this.

Spelling – The Grade 5’s have been collecting BOB words (personal spelling errors) for use in the SMART spelling program. Each week, students will be introduced to a new spelling pattern and select their own words of varying difficulty from a teacher provided list. Students will then add two of their BOB words that have been identified in their own writing throughout the week. New words are received on Monday and the spelling test is administrated on a Thursday.

At home strategies:

  • Ask your child to discuss their spelling words with you and their meanings

 Yildiz- I am trying my hardest to make sure my spelling is correct and neat, so I can get my pen license.


This term, the Grade 5’s will be looking at Australian History. We will be looking at topic areas such as The Stolen Generations and the events that led to Federation. The grade 5’s will be using literature, film and research to expand their knowledge on these topic areas.


This term, the Grade 5’s will be going to Kryal Castle to learn about history through the middle ages and its influence on Australian law. Photos will be available on Class Dojo! This term our school is excited to announce the return of our annual ‘Disco, Disco’ event. The theme this year will be ‘Black Out’!