Grade 4 2021

I enjoyed that I still got to see my friends during Lockdown on WebEx during the meetings, because even though we were apart and couldn’t go to each other’s houses I could still see them. Francilia

I’m excited for the holidays because it is Summer and I get to go to the pools and beaches. Maha


I am excited about Summer because it has been raining a lot and I didn’t get to go outside a lot so I will be able to go outside all the time. Zak

I am excited about the end of the year because I get to read my report and see how good I have been and how much I’ve learnt. Lagi

This year was fun because there were plenty of new students and teachers and plenty of fun activities. My favourite activity to do was when we played hockey in PE. Lujain

In the future, I hope there will be more Specialist activities because I really like them and I want to do them all the time. My favourite activity to do at school is having breaks and playing with my friends at recess and lunch time. Deema

I enjoyed this year because I had Mrs Cliff as my teacher because she made us do fun activities, and I enjoyed doing Sport because we played hockey. I am looking forward to playing hockey again because it was fun. We laughed a lot during class because we were great defenders. I won’t let Miss E shoot a goal. Mohammed

I enjoyed this year because of Sport and learning hockey and letting Miss E score. My favourite subject is Writing because if we finish early we get to play a game. I am looking forward to playing games in the World Cup. Jamil