Grade 4 2021

During Numeracy, students are learning to write numbers in different ways (place value form, standard form, written form and expanded form). They are working towards identifying skip counting patterns (2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s etc) and continuing these patterns from a given number.

In Reading, students will learn to ask and answer a variety of questions (Open and Closed, Right There and Think and Search). Students are learning how different ask and answer questions before, during and after reading and how this can aid their comprehension.

In Writing sessions, students will write a narrative using the structure (orientation, complication and resolution). They have been exploring nouns and adjectives and are focusing on adding detail into their writing.

The students have been using the Smart Spelling program, for their weekly spelling and dictation activities. As the weeks progress, it will be wonderful to see the progress that they make.

The students have already worked hard to identify their learning behaviour and some strategies that will support them to achieve their goals. They are encouraged to wear their Learning Behaviour bands daily to remind them of their goals.


Miss. Pino has been a teacher at Broadmeadows Primary School for 7 years, working mainly in the F-2 classes. This year is herfirst time working in 3-6 as a Grade 4 teacher.


Mrs. Ower is in her 5th year of teaching at BPS and  has always been in the 3-6 teams. This year she is lucky enough to have just Grade 4’s with Miss Pino.