Grade 4 2021

During Term Two, Grade Four students will be working on the following:

Numeracy – Fractions, Shape, Measurement, and Data, as well as Addition and Subtraction of whole numbers to 4 digits.


During Maths, we were learning to problem solve. I’m so proud of this work because I used different ways to solve the problem, and it is my best and neatest work- Lagi

We were learning about Fractions during Numeracy. We were writing down notes to let us understand what fractions are really about. I am proud of this work because I put all my hard work in it. It was tricky but then it got easier because I put the information in my book- Jane

During Numeracy we were learning about Number Words. I chose this piece of work because it had my neatest writing and my dedication. Maths was tricky but when my teachers helped me learn strategies to help solve math equations, I found maths easy to do- Francilia

Reading – Identifying Non-Fiction Text Features and their purpose, and summarising the Main Idea of texts.

 In Reading, I did an activity that I really liked because it was fun to do, and I did my neatest work. Deema








Writing – Information Report, understanding the structure and features of an informative text and writing on a topic of choice.

Enrichment – Identifying Australian states and capital cities. Students will be working on a project about Australia’s neighbouring countries.

Homework began in week 3. It consists of catch up work that has not been completed in class time, and some small revision exercises to support learning within the classroom.

Upcoming events:

  • 28/5 – Disco Disco
  • 7/6- Sport excursion to the MCG
  • 9/6- African Drumming
  • 18/6- Books in Homes – Dress up