Grade 4 2021

During Term Two, Grade Four students will be working on the following:

Numeracy – Students will explore number patterns resulting from multiplication. They will solve worded problems involving multiplication and division. Students will represent money values in multiple ways and count the change required for simple transactions to the nearest 5 cents. They will compare the areas of regular and irregular shapes by informal means.

Literacy – Students will make thoughtful predictions before, during and after reading. They will make inferences about characters’ feelings and the causes of events that may occur in the text with supporting evidence. Students will use the writing process to develop explanation and procedural texts, and explore the structure and features of these genres. Students will continue to use the SMART spelling approach to develop their knowledge of graphs, digraphs, trigraphs, quadgraphs and split digraphs to support their spelling of unfamiliar words.

Science – Students will discover that living things can be grouped by observable features that are different to non-living things. They will develop their knowledge of living things, understand that they have different life cycles, and the dependence they have on each other and the environment to survive. Students will explore the Earth’s rotation and regular changes, including night and day. They will learn about the changes of the Earth’s surface over time as a result of natural processes and human activity.

Homework will continue in Term 3. This will consist of catch up work that has not been completed in class and some small revision exercises to support learning within the classroom.

Upcoming events:

  • Ardoch Literacy Buddies visit
  • Camp
  • Disco Disco