Grade 3/4

I have enjoyed IMAX the most because there was a movie that we watched and we went to the museum straight after. The museum was also good because I saw some stuff that I had never seen before. Tanyeli

I have enjoyed the museum because I saw my favourite dinosaur, the ‘Velociraptor’. The 3D movie was an incredible experience because it looked like the butterflies were right in front of our face. Irenio

I have enjoyed drumming because we were all singing and drumming at the same time. Disco Disco was also great because they played my favourite song ‘Old Town Road’. Tayla

I have enjoyed IMAX because we wore 3D glasses, and me and Sukum were trying to catch the butterflies. It looked like they were in front of us. The museum was fun because they showed us the life cycle of the butterflies. Habeseh

I have enjoyed Disco Disco the most because it was on a Friday night, meaning there was no school the next day and there was no assembly. In this annual thing, we got to have drinks and chips by handing the tickets to the person monitoring it. Ayush