Grade 3/4

Yildiz- I enjoyed Remote Learning because we didn’t need to balance or hop on one foot like we did when we returned to Physical Education.

Luke- I have enjoyed playing with my friends again at school.

Phoenix W- I did not enjoy Remote Learning, because I sat in front of my computer doing work and I didn’t enjoy that.

Hasan Y- I missed my friends and learning in my classroom during Remote Learning.



Muhammed T- I enjoyed coming back to school because I got to play soccer with the grade 5/6 students.

Mahmoud S- I enjoyed Remote Learning because I got more family time and I could go to the toilet whenever I wanted.

Ahmed Y- I liked Remote Learning because I got to do WebEx calls with Mrs K and read epic books (the books are read for me).

Lachoenus- I enjoyed Remote Learning because I got to see my friends during the WebEx calls.

Jerry- I missed my friends during Remote Learning because I like to play soccer with them and couldn’t do that at separate houses.

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