Grade 3 2021


Miss McIntosh has been working at BPS now for just over a year. She started in Term 4 2019, when the grade 3s were still in grade 1. (She actually taught some of them then.) Miss McIntosh is now currently teaching grade 3s with Miss Dib.





Miss Dib is really excited to begin her teaching journey at Broadmeadows Primary School and is looking forward to having a great year with the Grade 3’s.


Grade 3 numeracy focus for term one is place value, number patterns and looking at different addition and subtraction strategies.  In Literacy, Grade 3 will be focusing on different types of questions, how to form them and how to answer them, as well as look at different strategies to solve questions about a text. In writing, students will be developing their narrative and persuasive writing.  In enrichment, students will be looking at our learning behaviors and developing learning goals to assist them with becoming independent learners.