Grade 2 2021

In Numeracy, we have been learning about Time and Shape. Now we are revisiting Place Value which involves skip-counting, ordering,  making, modelling, drawing and recording 3 and 4 digit numbers. We are also beginning to learn about renaming and counting on from numbers.

In Reading, we have been learning how to ask and answer questions when reading. We have been real detectives in the search for clues to show evidence of where we found the answers in a text. We are now learning to infer when reading, which involves using our life experiences and connections to help our brains to think beyond a text.

In Writing, we have been learning how to write recounts about personal experiences, we had the opportunity to go to the Melbourne Zoo, this allowed us to write interesting recounts and we are currently publishing them on the computers.

In Enrichment, we have been learning Science, and in particular Biology of animals. We have learnt about animal habitat’s, appearances and diets.  The Zoo excursion helped us to connect and strengthen our learning.

In Smart Spelling, we have been practising our vowel sounds and also some diagraphs such as ai, ay, ea, ee, sh, th and many more!