Clubs at BPS

A Healthy Brain Needs Healthy Food

Healthy food helps stimulate a child’s brain so they can work to their fullest potential. It all starts with breakfast. At Broadmeadows Primary School, we believe in a healthy start to the day. 

Breakfast Club is available to all students and is completely free. Students meet in the old art room, where they are able to choose and prepare their own breakfast. The program runs between 7:45am to 8:30am. 

Once the students have finished their meals, they are welcome to participate in a range of fun learning activities.

Food Bank Victoria 

We are extremely lucky to have the continued support of Food Bank Victoria. Each term Broadmeadows Primary School receives food for our Breakfast Club program to ensure no student is hungry. Please click below for more information.

Breakfast Club


During Morning Activities, recess and lunch, some students of BPS have created clubs to look after different areas of the school.

We have a Garden Club who are in charge of looking after the garden in the Wetlands area. After the wet Winter season, they have started to pull out the weeds and are looking forward to planting new vegetables for the chickens to eat and other flowers.

We have the Chicken Club who are in charge of picking up the eggs and selling them to staff and students for $2 for a half a dozen. If you would like to purchase some eggs, please see Mrs. Ower. Students are also in charge of feeding the chickens, laying new hay and cleaning their coop. The chickens are loving life as they run outside their coop.  Well done to these students for being responsible and looking after the chickens. Our chickens’ names are: Rosie, Beckie & Millie. They love vegetable scraps, except citrus, onion and rhubarb leaves. So if you have any vegetable scraps at home, please feel free to bring them in for our chickens to munch on!


During recess, the Sport Leaders are in charge of running games for students to participate in. Some games include Jenga, Spaceball, Downball, Polo Hockey and Poison Ball. At lunch time, there are a group of students who are giving up their time to run and umpire a game of Gaga.



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