Foundation 2021

In the Foundation space, we have been working so hard across all areas of our learning. In Numeracy we have been learning about number lines and placing numbers in the correct order! We then have had discussions about numbers that are more/less than/the same as. In Reading, we have been practising retelling and sequencing stories that we have read in class. We have also had a lot of fun predicting the ending of stories and then checking whether we were right!
In Writing, we have been learning to write facts for our Information Reports. This has been so much fun because we have explored our words of the week with lots of language experiences. Some of these included making jam sandwiches and meeting Lolly the dog!

All this amazing learning could not have occurred if it wasn’t for the amazing Learning Behaviours demonstrated from the preps. There is an abundance of Kindness, Respect and Learning Together in our classroom community and we look forward to another great term!