Disco Disco





I dressed up as The Flash for the disco. By Ali






At Disco Disco, I went as Deadpool. I had a lot of fun, mainly having chips. By Phoenix W






At Disco Disco I dressed up as Captain America. Mostly, I had fun with eating chips and drinking juice. I did lots of dancing and I was playing with my friends as well. By Matt




At Disco Disco I dressed up as Captain Underpants. By Miguel






We had smoke coming out everywhere from the smoke machine. There were a lot of lights. Also, there was a lot of people wearing costumes that they made themselves. They also tried to do the best dance moves. By Ruby





There was smoke machines and loud music. I had so much fun. There was lots of people that came in casual clothes and in costumes. By Kaylee



There was some people wearing super heroes and some people wearing normal clothes. There was music coming from the speakers as well. By Rehan



Disco was amazing, there were heaps of different costumes and uniforms. It was a fun night, even though some costumes scared me. By Ali





Photos can be purchased after school this week until Wednesday-

50c each or 3 for $1.