I like drawing pictures. The moustache was big. I liked my work because it looked good to me. By Hassan M

I liked drawing Salvador Dali’s face because I like the moustache that was wobbly. By Abdul

I liked drawing the background because you can draw different colours and you can do a rainbow. By Diana Ha

In Art we were learning about Salvador Dali and we were doing surrealism. I liked doing the moustache because it looks kind of silly. Richa

My favourite thing was drawing the moustache. It’s so much fun drawing the moustache. I drew a curly moustache going down and even a cat whiskers moustache. By Abdul-Elnour

I liked drawing the moustache because it’s funny. I drew a long one with curls on the ends. By Fatimah

I liked drawing the eyes the best because it looks funny. By Shakiya



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