I like Spanish a lot. It is very interesting and I know many words from the posters. I enjoy Art because I like crafts. I also love Sport because it keeps me fit and enjoy the challenges that Ms. E tells us to do. By Deema

I loved going swimming because I love to swim. I learnt that when the teacher says ‘get out of the water’ you have to get out. By Izet



I liked when we went swimming because I loved laying in the water and putting my legs up. By Karim



I like drawing pictures because we could colour in and we could do our best colouring. By Zakaria


My favourite thing is writing because I like to write stuff and I like to write a lot. I like to write stories. By Ruqayah


I like going swimming because it’s fun. They taught us how to do stuff in the pool like tricks. By Mazen





What gets wetter as it dries?