I liked when my dad beat me in the typing game and when I showed him my PowerPoint presentation. It was fun to watch my dad playing the game ‘Block The Pig.’ By Ruqayah


I really liked showing my parents my PowerPoint presentation and playing the game ‘Run’ because you had to jump to get to a higher level. By Ecrin


I liked typing with my dad because we were having fun. Me, my brother and my sister played typing games, but the funniest thing was watching my baby brother touching the mouse. My dad was very happy with my presentation. By Margaret

Some of the parents came to see our PowerPoint presentation. We played typing games. My mum came and we had fun together. By Fatimah


We had our PowerPoint presentation. Our parents came and I showed my PowerPoint to my mum. She said she was happy. I liked having my mum come to school because she told me how to speak. By Lachoneus




My brother came to my class and we played the computer game Keyboard Climber with me. I won. Then my brother was watching me play. I liked when my brother came in because it was fun. By Majdaleen


Today my mum came to school for the PowerPoint presentation. I liked when my mum came because it was fun. We played on the laptop. We played the typing game. I showed my mum my PowerPoint and she said it was nice. By Aleks



Today Camp Quality came to school. I learnt that some people with cancer lose their hair and go bald. People with cancer can only high five you, because they will get sicker. The puppets told us that Kylie was sick in the hospital, and she had to sleep there and go to school. The puppets were called Kylie and Mel. By Christian




Camp Quality came to school today to teach us about cancer, and they told us about the medicine which is called Chemotherapy. It is a special medicine to get rid of the cancer. They even told us that if we high five someone with cancer, we won’t get it. There was a puppet show about cancer and we learnt important things like chemotherapy and her hair stopped growing. It was fun learning about cancer and chemotherapy as it is a big word to say. By Jeffrey


Today I saw two puppets in the foyer. They told us about cancer. They said that if your friends had cancer and you give them a high five you can’t catch cancer. One of the puppets that had cancer liked laughing. By Mohammed A






Camp Quality taught us about cancer today. There was a puppet named Kylie who had cancer and she lost her hair. Her friend Mel tried to make her feel happy and it doesn’t matter on the outside how you look or feel, but it matters on the inside how you feel and look. Sometimes people lose their hair because of the medicine, and that’s maybe why they look that way. I enjoyed the funny parts of the puppet show like when Mel put her hands in her mouth. By Mahmoud



Before lunch, we went to the foyer to learn about cancer. There were these puppets and they were talking about their friend who had cancer. They had to go to hospital and their hair fell off because they were taking strong medicine, and it made the person feel yucky and tired. You cannot catch cancer from someone else. The puppets were funny because they made jokes to make the sick puppet laugh and made them happy. By Austin




Today we went to the foyer and we were learning about cancer with Camp Quality. I learnt about if you have cancer, you need to go to the hospital. They give you special medicine, and when you drink/eat it, you lose your hair and your stomach gets ill. You sometimes don’t get to eat your favourite food. When the cancer has gone away, you don’t need to drink/eat the medicine anymore and your hair grows back. I enjoyed today’s session, it was really funny watching the puppets. By Omar

The puppet told us about cancer. She told us cancer is sick. Then she went to the doctors. The doctor said she needs to drink medicine and she got better. Then her hair fell out and she had no hair. By Margarette



I saw two puppets that were talking about cancer and then they were like ‘let’s High 5.’ She asked if I High 5 you, will I get cancer? The puppet said “no” because it’s not a germ and you can’t catch it.’ The girl that went to high 5, she took a strong pill and it made her hair fall out, and now she wears a hat. Then she said take off your hat and let’s see. The girl with cancer was so nervous. Then the girl that wanted to High 5 said, “we wouldn’t laugh at you” and she saw that she didn’t have any hair. We talked about the girl with cancer and we learnt a lot. After that we went back to class. By Halil