Today in Reading, I was reading a book with a partner and telling them what happened, and the main idea. In Writing we were learning about cats and learning new information that I didn’t know. In Maths, I learnt about money and how to use it. Also what it means. In Spanish, Señor Sergio was teaching us about the weather and how to say it in Spanish correctly. Also he gave us worksheets and we had to put them in the right order.


By Francilia






In Maths we learnt about  how to plus numbers. Also I was reading. When we finished Reading, we had to share what the book was about. Then in Spanish we learnt about the weather on the laptops. After Spanish we had Writing and we learnt about cats.

By Chrestina






Hello, my name is Phoenix .W and I am in grade 2. In grade 1/2 we have been doing I.C.T and it was really fun because we got to use Mathletics and play the Big Brown Bear game. In Maths, we were learning to do patterns like odd and even patterns, plus two patterns and much more. In Reading, we did comprehension cards and learning to read.

By Phoenix W 






Well done to Armani, Chrestina, Tayla and Ayush for completing the LLI program in the 1/2 learning space. Keep up the great work using all the strategies learnt whilst reading!