My name is Amy McDonald. I began teaching at Broadmeadows Primary School a very long time ago! In 2007 I had a rest from teaching and had 2 children. I returned to B.P.S. when my children started school. I have taught years Foundation to Grade 6 and even been a Science teacher! This year I am very lucky to be working within the grade 1/2 community.

Amy McDonald 

During maths sessions we have been developing our understanding of Place Value. We have been learning to represent numbers in different ways. Two strategies we have been focusing on are ‘Draw it’ and ‘Make it’.

When we have been reading, we have been making predictions. To make predictions we use clues to guess what is going to happen in the story. We can make predictions before, during and after reading. We are also learning to write Recounts. We are learning to plan what we want to write.

We have also been working towards achieving our Learning Behaviour goals. Below is a photo of a house that 3 boys cooperated together to make. Cooperation is a Learning Behaviour.




Hi, I am Miss Rivas and this is my first year teaching at Broadmeadows Primary School. I am so excited to join the school community and be a part of the 1/2 team. I recently moved to Australia from Canada and have taught in the United Kingdom as well. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Urania Rivas 

We have been learning so much this term in 1/2 R! In Maths, we have been learning about Place Value and using our understanding of numbers to count, group and make numbers in different ways. We have been doing activities that generate questioning and problem solving such as our recent ‘Base Ten Block Towers’ competition.

In Reading, we have been learning to make predictions and ask questions about what we are reading. We are becoming good Independent Readers everyday by remembering our reading strategies. We look at the titles and pictures in our books to help us make good guesses about what is going to happen.

During Writing, we have been learning to brainstorm ideas and create great plans for our Recount writing. Sometimes we write about an experience that our class took part of such as a nature walk or a guessing game like “What’s the Mystery Bag”. We have been looking at key parts of what makes a good recount.

In Enrichment, we have been talking about our Learning Behaviours and practising what this looks like in the learning space and within the school. For example, we have been role playing what good communicators and good co-operators do. We also looked at what self-regulation looks and feels like in the classroom and how it can help us learn. We have been making mind maps, playing games and drawing pictures of our Learning Behaviours.


I began teaching in 2005 and since then I have taught in schools all over Melbourne – north, south, east and west! In that time I have also travelled to Europe, the United States and had a baby (and she is now a 1 year old). I am very excited to be working with the students and teachers at Broadmeadows Primary School in 2018.

Hannah Gould 


Ms Nagorcka has been teaching for over a decade in a number of schools here in Melbourne, as well as in the UK and Nepal. She joined us at Broadmeadows Primary in August 2017 and loves teaching here.

Naomi Nagorcka


I’ve been teaching for ten years and this is my fourth year working with children on the Levelled Literacy Intervention Program. I’m looking forward to watching the kids progress with their reading this year.

Sarah Florez 

In LLI we have been learning about parts of words and patterns, reading lots of books and writing about the stories we read.