I like writing because Miss Atkins can see it and it makes her happy. Nermin

I like drawing cats and dogs. I like school a tiny bit. I like drawing and eating and writing. I like reading too. That’s all. Mirna A


I like when Mr Bailey tipped all of the blocks because we were learning about 100 and in the box there was only tens and ones. Aryan

I like reading books because I can read my favourite books like Frozen. I like Mr Bailey because he gives us work to do and it’s easy. Aliza

I like writing because it gives me a lot of energy. I like reading because I love books and my favourite book is ‘Where’s Wally’ books. Lina


I like being in my new class because I like to colour and drawing. My new teacher is kind. Husniya

I like drawing and I like colouring. I like being in grade one because grade one is fun. Hyat


I like doing fun work like writing stories about ninjas. Nuh

I like being in grade 0ne because I get really smart and in the morning, we play a little bit of games. Husni

I like doing mandalas because they are fun to colour. Mays

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