I have enjoyed Sport the most because we play games all the time like, tiggy and octopus. Natalie

I am looking forward to being a Grade 3 for the rest of the term, because you don’t get much homework as a Grade 3 student. Mihrimah

I have enjoyed Sport because it is fun when we play games like T-ball, Capture the Flag and Scarecrow Tiggy. Zahraa

I have enjoyed the Spanish Fiesta a lot, because we got to dance and watch flamenco dance. The paella was my favourite part and the doughnuts too. Alysha

I have enjoyed Art because you get to paint with your fingers and we learnt about Aboriginal Art. Ali

I am looking forward to doing Maths because I could learn more about Arrays. Margarette

I enjoyed Writing the most because you write questions and draw  pictures. Malek

I am looking forward to doing Writing so I can improve my handwriting. I am also looking forward to going on an excursion to the beach with my classmates. Luke

I have enjoyed the Spanish Fiesta the most because we danced and there was so much food. It was so yummy. The passport activity was also a fun activity. Ali T

I have enjoyed the paella dish and the churros during the Spanish Fiesta because they tasted really nice. Aleks

I have enjoyed Sport and the Spanish Fiesta. During the Spanish Fiesta, the chicken Paella was my favourite part, because it tasted better than normal food, and it looked nice. Muhammed

I have enjoyed all the games we play in Spanish where you have to run and find words and if we arrive late we do pushups! Nahren

I am looking forward to making cake and pizza in Miss Pino’s class, because I like cooking. Hamza

I am looking forward to playing basketball for the rest of the term because I get to play with my friends. Hannah

I have enjoyed the Spanish Fiesta the most because I could taste the paella and the churros. The dancing at the end of the day was cool because we got to perform our dance that Señor Toni taught us. Jeffrey

I really enjoyed the Spanish fiesta because I ate the paella and the churros with my friends. The stamping during the flamenco show was really good too! Jamil


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