I liked the firefighter’s shoes because they were big. They were black. The firefighters were funny. Musa

I liked the firefighters because they told us some things like what they can do, like save a cat from up a tree. And if the house is on fire you can go to a meeting place like your fence or your letterbox and if you left something inside the firefighters will get it for you. Aisha

I like firefighters because when there’s a fire, they’ll put it out. Hamza D

The firefighters were wearing their big tank, and their big mask and gloves. They came in a truck. Aries

The firefighters taught us how to get out of a fire. You have to STOP. DROP. ROLL. You have to call 000. I liked when they put on their mask and the suit because they made me laugh. Caleb

The firefighters helped the cat. They climbed up the tree and got the cat. I like firefighters because they’ve got water, and it helps put fires out. Abu-Turab

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