Hello from Foundation! Our teachers are Miss Pino and Miss Tree.

In Numeracy, we are focusing on numbers from 0 to 20. We are building block cities, modelling with play dough, using flash cards, playing paddle pop games and singing number songs to make sure we learn our numbers. We learn in a variety of engaging ways and work in groups cooperatively.

In Literacy, we are learning to read big shared books like ‘Smarty Pants’ and ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’ by the lovely author, Joy Cowley. We are also beginning to rhyme words, learn letters and sounds, and count syllables within words. We had a Teddy Bear Picnic for the letter ‘Tt’ and a Pyjama Popcorn Party for the letter ‘Pp’; it was very exciting. We are recognising and writing our names and beginning to write some new letters.