Welcome back to Term 2! 🙂

This term, the Foundation students will continue to learn new reading strategies by making sounds and personal connections to the books they read. Students will find missing numbers and order numbers during Numeracy and continue to practise letter formation and writing on the lines in Writing. During Enrichment, students are focusing on ‘My Family’ and participate in different science themed stations in the morning during Developmental Play sessions.

I went to my aunty’s house and played with my cousins. I also went to the shops to buy clothes. Dima A

I watched iPad, played games on my mum’s iPhone, chilled out and went and bought handcuffs. I liked when I was playing in the garden. Aryan

On the holidays, I went to my grandmother’s house and to the shops to buy clothes and some toys. My cousins and I also went to the zoo. Nermin

On the holidays, I went to the swimming pool when it was hot. Me and my mum went on a bus. I also did a nice drawing for my friend and took it to her on that day. I liked the day when I rode my bike to the park and saw a frog. Hyat


Upcoming Events

  1. Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

    June 10 @ 8:30 am - June 11 @ 3:00 pm
  2. Books In Homes Assembly

    June 21 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
  3. Grade 3/4 Doxa Camp

    June 24 @ 8:30 am - June 26 @ 3:00 pm
  4. Curriculum Day/Parent Teacher Interviews

    June 27 @ 11:00 am - 6:30 pm
  5. Last Day Term 2

    June 28 @ 8:30 am - 2:30 pm