A girl puppet came to school. She told us about the medicine. She told us that the medicine tastes a little bit yuck. By Abdul



Puppets came to our school today. They made a show. The show was funny. The girl came and she had cancer. By Deniz



The best thing about the farm was feeding the horse and the cow. I enjoyed patting the guinea pigs and I had fun feeding the goats. By Steve



I had fun feeding the horse and patting it as well. It was fun watching the goats and the pig. By Jason







I loved playing on the playground. My favourite animal to pat and feed was the kangaroos because they were soft. Nawang




I loved holding the guinea pigs and feeding the horses. Luka


I loved feeding the pigs and the goats, and holding the black basket which had a guinea pig in it. Malek







My favourite part at the farm was feeding the guinea pigs because the guinea pigs were cute. Fabian


My favourite part at the farm was the guinea pigs. We feed them grass and we got to pat them as well. Sampada





The best thing about the farm was patting the guinea pigs because they were cute. I also had lots of fun riding on the bus because we got to see emus. Alysha



I loved the horses on the farm because we got to feed them. I loved looking at the baby sheep and given it cuddles. Hanah



I loved feeding the guinea pigs grass because they were so soft and cute. I enjoyed patting the horse and feeding the horse seeds and grass. I thought pigs were soft but when I touched one, it was really hard. Nahren