We have been learning to count and recognise numbers to 20. We can use our pointing finger to count collections of objects such as animals.

We are learning to compare lengths of objects. Students have been comparing their height with their friends and using measurement vocabulary such as longer taller, shorter, and smaller.









We are learning to use strategies to help us with our reading. We can use our ‘Eagle Eye’ to make connections between the picture and the first sound in the word. We are beginning to use ‘Stretchy Snake’ to hear all the sounds in the words.


Students learning about the letter ‘C’ made Crunchy Chocolate Coconut balls. They were able to use describing words such as ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’, and ‘yummy’ to make their writing more interesting.










Enrichment – History:

In History, students will be learning about old and new toys and technologies. They will be comparing the toys and technologies of the present, to those of their parents and grandparents.

Watch the video and see if you know any of these toys – 100 years of Toys

Well done Hamza for Caught Being Good by identifying some sight words. Keep it up!