Grade 5/6

Hi my name is Mr Smith. I started working at Broadmeadows Primary School in 2011. Last year, I worked as a teacher in London, which was challenging but highly rewarding. I’m very happy to be back and apart of the community at Broadmeadows Primary School and look forward to a great year.

Dean Smith  


Hi my name is Miss Jolliffe. I graduated from Curtin University in April 2017. I commenced my first full time teaching position in July 2017 after relocating from Merimbula (NSW) to Melbourne. This is my first year at Broadmeadows Primary School. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and look forward to getting to know the staff and students across the remainder of the year.

Emily Jolliffe


My name is Ms Crack. I am a Grade 5/6 teacher and have been teaching at Broadmeadows Primary School for four years. My favourite number is seven and I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Camber.

Lauren Crack   


My name is Mrs. Ower and I am currently in my second year of teaching Grade 5/6 at Broadmeadows Primary School. My three boys (known as #1, #2 and #3) are a great source of stories and examples for my classes – sometimes, of not what to do! I love the colour green and Sharpie textas – just ask any of my students!

Kylie Ower




Over the last few weeks, the year 5/6 students have been focusing on the use of Digital Technology during their Enrichment sessions. All students are currently working their way through ‘The First 10 Skills of Digital Technology’ which covers concepts such as: Usage and Expectations, Keyboard Commands, Storage and Typing. Students have also spent some time exploring safe internet use and the consequences of cyber bullying.



Our Grade 5 students are practicing their Times Tables in order to gain a better understanding and increase their automatic response. They are also focusing on Time. This will see them improve their skills of reading and representing time, on analogue clock faces. Moving forward, they will further their knowledge of digital time and 24 hour time.

Our Grade 6 students are currently expanding their knowledge of whole numbers and Place Values. They are consolidating concepts such as Addition and Subtracting of large numbers. A focus on Operations with decimal numbers, will complete this unit of focus.

Some of our students attended a workshop focusing on electrical circuits and the recording of voltage and amperes, used to generate a light bulb.



In Writing, the Grade 5/6’s are heading towards writing Narratives after doing really well in our persuasive unit.

The students are discussing the ‘Story Mountain’ which develops their ability to write stories which includes important elements such as the coda and moral of the story.

Things you can do at home to help your child are:

  • Ask them to read their narratives to you.
  • Get them to discuss their understanding.
  • Read a range of stories with them and discuss the language used.