Grade 5/6



The thing I enjoyed at the Old Treasury Hall was the fake gold vault where we saw one of the gold vaults with fake gold. One story that we heard at the excursion was about a man who wanted to steal the gold but he realizes after a long time that it was fake gold! By Hadi






The excursion that was last Wednesday, was fantastic because the tour guide lady was teaching us about where they stored the gold and how it looked back in the 1800s. She took us from room to room looking at the places where they discussed laws and rules. By Adam K




The excursion that was last Wednesday was fun because we got to learn about the changes of Australia. After, we discovered that Victoria had a lot of gold like ‘The Welcome Stranger’ and the fake gold.  We also learnt about the changes in Australia as we started to build better houses and then towers and roads. The Welcome Stranger is the biggest gold nugget ever found. By Moussa







The whole of the 5/6s went on a bus to the city to go to the Old Treasury Building. Everyone enjoyed the excursion! We got to learn new facts about history and it was very interesting. I liked when our group saw The Welcome Nugget because it was like looking at gold, and the cages. Some people had to stay in for punishment. Everyone had a good time at the Old Treasury Building, and I hope we experience more excursions.By Francis







The excursion was fun because we learnt a lot of things like what they used to go mining. We also learnt about what happened on the gold fields, The Eureka Stockade, why things happened and the famous people that were involved in the Gold Rush. The day was enjoyable because we saw Captain Cook’s Cottage and having hands on activities, plus we saw a replica of ‘The Welcome Stranger’. By Jack