Grade 5/6

In term 3, I’ve enjoyed participating in making the bowls and taking graduation photos because everyone looked nice and we got to leave our hair down and we got to chat and then we did the group photo. By Asya


This term I liked sport when we did the relay race and in art when we made the bowls. I liked going shopping with Mrs Webb. We went to Woolworths and we saw the freezer where they keep all the stuff and we got to eat vegetables. By Omar A


This term, we were doing a Young ICT project.  Jack, Sezin, Hadi and I were working on a project to upgrade the emotion wall called the ‘Facial Recognition Scanner’. We had to finish our original ideas, the journey and the questions of how the prototype worked. I enjoyed it because it tested my brain and ICT is my favourite subject. I also learnt more about the emotion wall. By Arda

This term I have really enjoyed Sport because it is fun and I learnt how to handball a football. By Yigit


I liked doing the art project with the depth perception because I enjoyed colouring using soft pastels. And I liked doing the science experiment with the solid, liquids and gas. I learnt that fire needs oxygen. It was pretty cool. By Caner

I enjoyed doing the bowl and flag in Art because it was fun using Modroc. Once it dried we got to paint the bowls and flags. I also enjoyed doing ‘Scope It’ in class. It’s when you learn how to do coding. We learnt how to add characters and how to make them move. By Esraa



What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?