Grade 3/4

Reading: In Reading, the grade 3/4 community have been working through the Reading Comprehension strategy of Summarising. We encourage students to continue to find the main events and ideas at the beginning, middle and end of the texts they read both at school and at home.

Writing: The grade 3/4 students have been completing a range of learning activities that help improve their Narrative and Persuasive writing tasks.

Numeracy: As NAPLAN is occurring in week 5, the grade 3 students have been working on applying their mathematical understanding in a range of different formats. Students are excited to try their best and showcase their knowledge they have acquired over the past 3 years.

Year 3/4 ANZAC Day: Year 3/4 students have been learning about the importance of ANZAC Day. On Tuesday April 24th, some students enjoyed working in teams to make ANZAC biscuits or poppies.


Community Leaders: Throughout 2018, the Grade 3/4 Community will be selecting specific students to become our ‘Community Leaders’ for a short amount of time. Our current community leaders have been selected for demonstrating fantastic leadership skills, both inside and outside of the learning space. Well done to Nouha, Sibel, Enes, Reyhan, Kaan K and Achya.

100% Attendance: We have an enormous amount of students in the 3/4 Community with PERFECT attendance. A huge congratulations to the following recipients who have consistently been at school and on time every day for the month of March.

Homework Challenge: The grade 3 and grade 4 students are currently in a competition against each other to become the Term 2 Homework Champions. Each cohort needs to ensure that they bring their completed homework back to school EVERY WEDNESDAY. The grade 4 students have had a narrow win in the Homework Challenge last term.