Grade 3/4

Community Leaders: Throughout 2018, the Grade 3/4 Community will be selecting specific students to become our ‘Community Leaders’ for a short amount of time. Our current community leaders have been selected for demonstrating fantastic leadership skills, both inside and outside of the learning space. Well done to Nouha, Sibel, Enes, Reyhan, Kaan K and Achya.

100% Attendance: We have an enormous amount of students in the 3/4 Community with PERFECT attendance. A huge congratulations to the following recipients who have consistently been at school and on time every day this term.

Homework Challenge: The grade 3 and grade 4 students are currently in a competition against each other to become the Term 1 Homework Champions. Each cohort needs to ensure that they bring their completed homework back to school EVERY WEDNESDAY. Currently the grade 4 students are winning by a small margin.


I started my teaching career at Broadmeadows Primary School in 2012 after completing my 4th university year placement in the Grade 4 learning space. I fell in love with the BPS community as they have continued to ‘Aim High’ and go above and beyond both academically and socially. I’m looking forward to a massive year ahead with the Grade 3/4 community as we continue to strive for excellence and support one another both inside and out of the learning space.

Brad Kemp  


I have loved spending the last 3 years with the teachers and students in the 3/4 Learning Community at Broadmeadows Primary School. I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and often visit my family in the school holidays. I enjoy spending time with students in the school garden and like cooking with the produce.

Kaitlyn Atkins 


I started working at BPS in 2016 in grade 1/2 and moved to the 3/4 community in 2017. I enjoy reading books and going for long walks with my dog. I have had lots of fun working at B.P.S and look forward to an exciting year!

Zoe King


After recently joining Broadmeadows Primary School in 2017, I am super excited to be working again with the grade 3/4 community. As everybody knows, I love taking my dog to the beach so she can play in the waves and burn off some energy. I am always keeping an eye out for ‘Golden’ students demonstrating Learning Behaviours and working hard towards their goals.

Natasha Ayoubi


I started at Broadmeadows Primary School in 2014, after completing my final placement for university at the school the year before. Over the last 5 years, I have been fortunate enough to have taught both Grade 1/2s and Grade 3/4s. I enjoy playing music and am excited to be a part of the school choir this year.

Matthew Bailey


I am excited to be in my 8th year at Broadmeadows Primary School and enjoy working with all the students in the 3/4 space. I love paddle boarding, going to the beach and watching my children play soccer on the weekend. My favourite food is pasta and I can’t start my day without a coffee.

Dima ElChami


Fiona grew up on a farm in the Wimmera region of Victoria. She enjoys reading (particularly books by Oliver Jeffers), cooking, travelling, and taking walks to the park with her husband and daughter. Fiona loves working at BPS, and especially enjoys the commitment the school has to developing the skills required for lifelong learning through the Learning Behaviours Program. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Master of Applied Linguistics, both from the University of Melbourne. Fiona is working as a Literacy specialist in the 3/4 community in 2018.

Fiona O’Reilly