Grade 3/4



My favourite part was the Gold Panning because you have to find gold. It was enjoyable because some people had to wear olden day clothes and ladies had to go first. My non-favourite was when we were on the tram because you did not see anything at all. My embarrassing moment was when we had to talk to the school teacher. My favourite part was the school because we had to do some writing of the alphabet.

By Ruby







On the 19th of June we went to Sovereign Hill.

My favourite part was when we watched the mining movie. It was scary and a bit sad, I really like scary movies.

My second favourite part was the secret shaft mine. We went in a tram under ground and it was scary for some people, but not for me.

We also went gold mining. We had to put the pan in the water, fill it with water and rocks. Then we shook the pan to see if we found gold.



What I liked about Sovereign Hill was that when we went on the tram down the mine shaft. We saw how the olden day people went down 200m. We saw some gold nuggets. By Issa







It was so exciting to go to Sovereign Hill. The best thing that happened there was going to the school. We got to dress up and learn to write with ink. They taught us about how there were strict rules. They also taught us about gold. Only some people found it. It wasn’t easy to find. The funniest part was when the blacksmith was talking about some funny things, like if you burnt yourself there wasn’t much treatment. By Maryam A







The thing I liked was how we did the panning. I enjoyed it because we got to find gold at Sovereign Hill and we watched a movie called ‘The Secret Chamber’. At first I thought it was scary but then I got used to it. Then we got to go to an old school, the teacher was very nice. He told us if we were not good that they would wack us on the hands or on our knuckles. By Pepe