For those parents who are keeping their children at home or would like some activities to do over the school holidays, here are some ideas that you could do to continue your child’s learning. There are some free educational websites and apps for your phone or ipad.

Some apps you can download at home that are free:

  • Out and About
  • Handwriting Wizard
  • Counting 123
  • Teach Your Monster To Read



Curriculum covers all the arrangements the school makes for students’ development and learning. It includes the course content, student activities, teaching approaches, the way in which teachers and classes are organised and decisions on the need for and the use of facilities and resources.

Broadmeadows Primary School encourages its students to AIM HIGH in all learning. To achieve this, the school provides sequential teaching and learning programs that deliver a comprehensive, broadly based and culturally inclusive curricula that draws upon the common set of knowledge and skills of the Victorian Curriculum.


At Broadmeadows Primary School, our Curriculum Framework documents for Literacy and Numeracy are in the form of a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum {GVC} that states essential content.  Essential content is the knowledge and skills that students need to know, understand, and be able to do in order to succeed in school. Essential content is determined by unpacking standards and creating measurable learning outcomes for students.  A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum {GVC} is one that guarantees equal opportunity for learning for all students. Similarly, it guarantees adequate time for teachers to teach content and for students to learn it. A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum is one that guarantees that the curriculum being taught is the curriculum being assessed. It is viable when adequate time is ensured to teach all determined essential content.


  • The Victorian Curriculum alongside our school’s GVC will be used as a framework for curriculum development and delivery for Foundation to Year 6.
  • Each year the Curriculum Leaders will review the Literacy and Numeracy Scope and Sequence.
  • Each Professional Learning Team will meet weekly to plan, analyse and track data. Areas for focus will be identified and planned accordingly to meet student needs.
  • Teachers will participate in ongoing Professional Learning to ensure curriculum remains current and best practice is used for planning and teaching.
  • Teaching and Learning programs will be resourced through program budgets.