Books in Homes Cooking

Through the Books in Homes program, our school has won a copy of the recipe book “Fast Food for Busy Families” by Pete Evans.

We decided to put the book to good use, and a group of Grade 3-6 students participated in a cooking session where we adapted one of the recipes from the book.

The students made apple crumble, and an apple and mixed berry with coconut crumble. They then shared their creations with the grade 1/2 students.

You can see our budding chefs in the photos below.

Special thanks to Mrs Spurr for bringing her culinary excellence along to help us out!


I liked the cooking because I have never made apple crumble before, so I got to learn about something new. The food felt weird when we were mixing it. It was fun sharing with the little kids and I liked that they gave us feedback if they didn’t like it or if they thought it was good.


I liked the cooking because we got to make food. It was fun making a dessert to share. I liked sharing it with the 1/2 children because they gave us feedback about our cooking.


I had fun sharing the food with the 1/2 children, especially my brother. I was happy that the 1/2 children liked some parts of the apple crumble. I enjoyed the experience of cooking the apple crumble. I often cook at home but I’d never made this before.


I liked mixing the crumble together. It was fun eating it with the little kids because they said they liked it. I was surprised that the blueberry didn’t really taste like anything, just like water. I hope that we can do it again.