Books In Homes

Term 2 Books in Homes

Books in Homes

On Friday 22nd June we held our Term 2 Books in Homes Giving Assembly. All students received their three free books as part of the Books in Homes Program, sponsored by Mainfreight.

To celebrate the day we had a Crazy Hat / Crazy Hair theme to show how reading can make all sorts of brilliant – and crazy – ideas come out of your head. Thank you to all members of our school community for getting into the theme. We saw some very creative hats and hair.

At the assembly we were lucky to have the amazingly brilliant Alex Miles as a guest speaker. It was wonderful to hear Alex talk about writing, her creativity, and how we can all exercise our imagination muscle. We have the ‘Olive Black’ series in the school, as well as the ‘Zac Power Spy Camp’ series if you would like to read some of her work. More information can be found about Alex Miles at:

Thanks for being such an inspiration Alex!

Our thanks also go to Mainfreight Pty Ltd for sponsoring our school. It was great to have some of their representatives at school to help give out the books.

We look forward to Term 4 when the Books in Homes Program continues.


On Friday, we had the Crazy Hair Day. So all the children had to put hairspray or wigs on. Some people put sprinkles in their hair. Children enjoyed the day. There was a special visitor. She was an author of Jack Pow books. We dressed up to encourage kids to read. By Anushka, Remmas, Esraa