Books In Homes

In Term 1 we have celebrated Books in Homes with the theme “Rainbow of Reading”. The day was a spectacular display of colour and excitement, with students and teachers participating. It was great to see people choosing clothes from their wardrobe that were brightly coloured.

We had four visitors from Mainfreight Pty Ltd on hand to give out the books. George, Katherine, Jojo, and Colin all mentioned how beautifully behaved our students were, and they were especially pleased to hear such great manners when giving out the books.

The visiting author / illustrator was Sue deGennaro. She spoke to us about writing and that your ideas can come from anywhere – books, life, or listening to other people on the tram! Sue read a story to the Foundation students and showed them how she draws some of the characters for her books. She has also signed two of her books that are in our school library.

We will have a new Books in Homes theme for Term 2 … I wonder what it might be?