Premier’s Reading Challenge Champions

The following students were nominated to receive a Premier’s Reading Challenge Champion lapel pin. Huge congratulations to them all for their attitude and effort.

Isaac Tito

For displaying an extremely positive attitude to all work.

Amal Al Shurafa

For working hard all year to utilise feedback to improve performance.

Ahmad Mustapha

For working hard to make sure he is reading what is on the page accurately, and thinking about the book to answer questions.

Ayush Shresta

For demonstrating a great love of reading books, especially from his favourite series ‘Captain Underpants’.

Ornina Sawa

For always having a book in her hand!

Tabarak Thamer

For constantly reading, even during transitions in class time. She will even choose to read over playing games.

Nathanial Mitchell

For advertising the ‘Wings of Fire’ series to the entire 5/6C community, and reading all 14 of them.


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