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Term 3 Book Week




For Book Week, I dressed as a princess because I love being a princess. By Simra





I love Book Week because we made new costumes and you can choose whatever you like. I dressed up as the Hungry Caterpillar. By Daneen




I dressed up as a soccer player because I play for a club outside of school. I liked the activities that we did for Book Week. The best activity was writing about the parade. By Ahmad





I liked watching the parade and seeing different costumes because everyone went to a lot of effort for their costumes. I really enjoyed doing the whole school Nutbush and everyone joining in, smiling and having fun. By Margaret





I enjoyed seeing other students walking around in their costumes because it was cool to see who they dressed up as. By Oscar





I enjoyed reading during Book Week because it was quiet and it was a chilled day even though we were not wearing school uniform. It was fun doing the Nutbush and everyone dancing during the parade. By Ahmed M



I enjoyed that we all got to dress up in different costumes and we got to do a parade and it was fun! By Manal



I liked how we had to dress up as a book character and dance in the parade. By Tasaleem





I liked how we all dressed up and played with our friends when we were in different costumes. By Neha





A big thank you to Mrs. O’Reilly for organizing this event.


Zach’s Story

WIN a set of the Zach’s Story series (includes all the titles shown above) by Wendy Milton.

To enter the competition write your answers to the questions below on a piece of paper and give them to Mrs O’Reilly by THURSDAY 13th September.

  1. What is your name?
  2. What are two of the five book titles in the Zach’s Story series?