Attendance is a big focus for all of the community at Broadmeadows Primary School. We can see from the above graphic how important it is to be at school.

There are some awards being given through the year for excellent attendance and these are as follows:

Badges and certificates – Given to the students with perfect monthly attendance.

Community Trophy – Awarded to the class with the highest weekly attendance.

The target for all at Broadmeadows Primary School is 95% and above. Please discuss with your child the importance of maintaining excellent attendance.


Well done to the students who received 100% certificates from Term 1. Below is a photo of some students from 5/6B who achieved this goal.

Term 2 Winners

Week Winner Percentage Photo
2- 3rd May Prep Tree 98%  
3- 10th May 1/2 Bailey 94.76%

 4- 17th May  5/6 Crack  94%

5- 24th May 1/2 Pino 95%

6- 31st May 1/2 King 93%

Upcoming Events

  1. Grade 5/6 Camp Doxa

    July 22 @ 8:00 am - July 24 @ 3:00 pm