Welcome to the Art’s page at BPS!

This year we had spectacular Gallery Night!

Here is a ‘sneak peak’ of some things we have been working on this year.

In Foundation, we have done amazing portraits, focusing on the many different parts of the face, including fine details like eyelids and lips.  We have also been learning about patterns, colours, and shapes.

In Grade One and Two, we have explored abstract artwork in the style of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, excellent paper mosaics, or ‘close-up’ flowers in the style of Georgia O Keefe.

Our wonderful Grade Three and Four students have created many works of art this year. We created an animal Mola in the style of Panama artists, a Sugar Skull inspired by Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations, or a portrait in the style of the famous artist Modigliani.

From the elders of the school, Grade Five and Six, we have produced portfolios along with an artist statement describing our work. We created portraits in the style of ‘Pop Art’, various printmaking techniques in the style of Andy Warhol, or Australian Aboriginal paintings using paint pens.  Some clever students have even mastered the sophisticated art of tessellations in the style of M. C. Escher.

There is so much to feel proud of and show our community.