I enjoyed looking at my work because it was great to see my hard work in Art. Phoenix D







I liked seeing my work and how much effort I put into it during Art. Ali T





I liked looking at other people’s artwork. They did a great job because they were concentrating and it looked fantastic. Merita






I liked the Art Exhibition because everyone did a great job especially Miss Yianni. They concentrated on their work. Ilin






I enjoyed looking at the work of other students in the school because they were nice. Junior





I liked looking at the ‘First Fleet Ships’ that the grade 3/4 students created. They did a great job, and some of them looked like real ships. Dewran






The Art Show was so fun. I liked colouring the sheet. Zaid






I liked colouring the sheet. Isaac Y


I liked the Art Show. I had fun. Isaac T








I liked my doll because she had a pretty dress I made for her. Zahraa





I liked how the stands were set up because they looked professional and I’m proud how Miss Yianni set everything up, and how much effort she put into it. Jasmine






I liked seeing the boats because they looked so realistic. Zayd





What’s round, but not always around?

It’s light sometimes; it’s dark sometimes.

Everyone wants to walk all over me.