This semester we will be linking the History unit to our art work.

The Foundation students will be learning about making collage by designing pictures of themselves and their family. We have also read books like ‘Naked Mole Rats Get Dressed’ by Mo Williams to see how the naked mole rats get dressed

The Grade 1/2s will also be learning about collage, however they will be looking at landscapes and linking it to the past, present and future. For this, we have looked at books by Jeannie Baker such as ‘How the Forest Meets the Sea’ and ‘Window’.

The Grade 3/4s are learning about drawing and blending colours through their work on the First Fleet. We have watched a YouTube clip to assist us with our drawings. Here is the link if you would like to give it a go yourself:

And finally the Grade 5/6s are researching their family heritage and designing a silhouette of themselves with creative images which represent their family’s background.